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User research, UI design, Interaction design, Prototyping



Dior is a virtual make-up & skin-care application that will help users analyze their skin and recommend the best skin care and products according to it. Recommendations are directly channeled with e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Walmart so that it's convenient for them to purchase without switching multiple apps! On top of that, Dior will enable users to have an instant virtual makeover with its AR features.


Our objective was to create a funnel that would make a smooth journey for our users, from analyzing skin to purchasing the required products. Our users will be able to compare all the suggestions and select what's best for them.


The targeted audience couldn't find a convenient way to analyze their skin and get regular updates on it. Also, they wanted a quick fix for the information gap they are facing. Users claimed they are often unaware of what type of skin care products they should use, and how they would affect their skin.

Also, they needed a solution that would save them time and reduce mistakes in buying the wrong makeup products which wouldn't suit them.


Developing AI recommends the right product based on screen analysis.

Also, Including AR features that would provide users with real-time analysis and suggest users the right solutions.

Additionally, acquiring information based on the make-up product, price, quality, and reviews and updating the information over time.

Providing all the features that would be comprehensive to provide for a real-time view of the face while experimenting with make-up. And enhancing the user experience to luxury.

Our Solutions

We have come up with an application with AR features that would analyze users' skin and provide them with the suited solutions. Which includes skin current condition with recommendations of the products they could use. Users will have customized unique skin profiles & Personalized skincare regimens to meet specific needs.

we have also added a lot of wide range makeup options and filters for our users to experiment also our app will come up with many recommendations for similar products so that they can make the right decisions before they make the purchase. We also added virtual make-up cam so that they can have instant virtual makeovers within a minute.


We worked with this team early in the Discovery phase to define project goals and objectives that would serve as benchmarks for success, including both short- and long-term objectives. Then we moved on to more strategic research, such as persona creation, customer journey mapping, iterating, and testing.


Once our raw content was ready, we started putting all our ideas from paper to pen. We began sketching and visualizing transitions screen to screen and user interference's.


After conducting the user research, we planned a layout keeping information hierarchy in mind and then sketched the outline visual and details of the main features and the big presentation.

Style Guide

After our high-fidelity wire frames, we made a design system that contains guidelines for each design element, such as visual identity elements, icons, interface components, and their states, headings, etc.

Visual Output

We had to ensure that the interface's components are simple to access, comprehend, and employ in order to facilitate these actions. Therefore, we integrated interaction design, visual design, and information architecture concepts. This includes buttons, text fields, check boxes, radio buttons, drop down lists, list boxes, toggles, and date fields.


Through our collaboration with Dior, we made it possible for users to get all the skincare solutions they need from a single app. Also, we made improvements so that the user experience is more of a luxury than a pain point in the process.

The Outcomes

$ 11M
Total funding raised
New user onboard
Revenue increased

Musemind really know how to deliver on user centric and bbeautiful design. Highly recommended but don't tie up too much of their time as we need to use them again.

Hailey Strasser, CMO @DIOR
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