Anwar Jbed, Australia

On-Demand Medical Services


Our Contribution

UX Design, UI design, Product Strategy, Prototyping


4 Months

Docly is more than just a doctor's appointment and consultation app. This app is designed to take complete care of the users and help them take care of their families from the comfort of home - consulting doctors online, booking doctor appointments, ordering medicines online, and booking diagnostic tests everything is here.

Not just for users, this app is helpful for doctors and medical suppliers. It will help suppliers promote their business and find potential consumers here. Also, doctors can easily tend to the needs of their patients and thus can easily serve more people in need.


We believe everyone should have easy access to high-quality healthcare services. Docly aims to bridge the communication gap between doctors and patients by enabling communication. So that patients can receive treatment virtually from anywhere and at any time.


After talking with a lot of people we have concluded that there were the problems they are mostly facing:

  • Tired of searching for the right doctor to go to, it's also hard to verify which doctor is the right one for them.
  • Patients have to wait long hours for booking appointments and also to get treated.
  • Users are unaware of the number of doctors available that fits their criteria.
  • It's tough for physically ill people to go to labs for tests and stand in a line doing so.
  • It's tough to find drug stores in new places, also not find the medicine they need
  • Doctors are hard to find over video calls to tend to emergency cases.
  • Users didn't find any solution that could track records of their treatment histories or symptoms which will come in handy if they meet a new doctor.


UX/UI implementation was a big challenge as we are designing this app for three kinds of users- Medicine suppliers, Doctors, and patients.

Maintaining consistency as the needs and features of each type of user is different.

Back-end integration with the development team to develop a secure system that will keep the transactions between doctors and patients.

Integrating enormous information in health care is vast. For instance, writing down all the symptoms, diagnoses, types of doctors, and many more.

Simplifying user flow to facilitate navigation, as software for medical management will always contain an excessive number of on-screen elements.

Our Solutions

Docly features will solve numerous problems at once. It eases the information gap by providing many doctor choices along with their profile and reviews. This will help them to get treated even if one doctor is busy and these profiles will help patients decide to choose the right one from the rest.

To avail medicine all the time, this feature has a location track option so that customers can get medicines early from the nearby pharmacies. Not only that, users can upload their prescriptions and easily find the medicines they need without putting much effort.

Patients who are struggling to move to have the option to do lab tests at home, thus less hassle, and less pain.

Users can monitor their symptoms, and disease by keeping track of the app features available, in this way be easy for them to take care of their health.

Docly also reduces healthcare costs by offering discounts from various medicine suppliers by collaborating with them.


Following the collection of all pain points, we arranged them according to the information hierarchy. In addition, we took note of user expectations for a tele health application so that we could add features that would be beneficial to them and meet their needs.


With the help of the wire frame, we were able to provide an early vision for the review of the designs and prototypes. Reviewing the wire frame pages as part of this prototype usability test allowed us to obtain user feedback prior to the creative production process.


We used some strong colors to define the brand, especially blue as it is perceived as trustworthy. We also used a unique range of visuals and images to keep users engaged.

Style Guide

We used some strong colors to define the brand, especially blue as it is perceived as trustworthy. We also used a unique range of visuals and images to keep users engaged.

Visual Output

After all the research, wire framing, and feedback we finally completed our intuitive mobile app design. Prior to this, We visualized screen-to-screen and user interference transitions.


Designing a tele health app is a more sensitive issue than designing apps for any other sector. We had to be very careful in every phase not to make any mistakes. Overall, it is a good experience to make something that will help the community.

The Outcomes

New user engagement
$ 3M
Revenue increased

Team musemind has done a great job with out On-Demand medical application. I have no hesitation in highly recommending them.

Anwar Jbed, CTO @Docly
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