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Panther - Website Design for SIEM Platform (Web Design)

Joshua Kresge
Cyber Security
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3 Months
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  • User Research
  • UI Design
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About the Project
Panther is a reputable provider of security information and services within the cybersecurity industry. They provide real-time security detection, swift incident response, & thorough investigations.

We are asked for a refresh branding, new website design and CMS development for the company.

The project's success not only boosted Panther's cybersecurity reputation but also helped secure funding in three rounds.
Through UX research, we uncovered user struggles—complex security data, false alerts, and high maintenance costs. We empathized with their pain points and worked on it.
Making complex content like cyber security accessible to non-industry people. Designing illustrations, icons, graphs, and animations to make the content easy and meaningful for everyone.
Our Solutions
We have introduced multiples features to address the problems, for example, customized detection, code-driven automation, zero-ops administration.
Thanks to Musemind’s work, the client saw an increase in web traffic and brand awareness. The team’s expertise was very helpful in providing a range of options. They were efficient, timely, and good at project management using Asana and Trello. Their creativity and market knowledge stood out.

William lowe

COO, Panther
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In the research phase, we comprehensively study user needs, behaviors, and pain points through methods like interviews and data analysis to inform the design process effectively.
During the design phase, we create wireframes and prototypes, visually conceptualizing solutions. These serve as blueprints for the user interface's structure, layout, and functionality.
In the testing phase, we gather user feedback on prototypes, assess usability, and refine designs. This iterative process ensures the final product meets user expectations and needs.
In the implementation phase, we focus on translating the designed user interface into a functional product, adhering to the established design guidelines and aesthetics. - implementation
During the iteration phase, we revisit and refine the design and functionality based on feedback and insights gathered from user testing and evaluation, ensuring continuous improvement
As we embarked on Panther's project, our initial step involved sketching. We transitioned concepts onto paper, envisioning screen-to-screen interactions to shape our design process.
After sketching, we moved on to wireframing for Panther. Wireframes provided a structured blueprint, defining layout and content placement.
Style Guide
As our project progressed, we crafted a style guide that covered branding elements like colors, fonts, and imagery, ensuring a unified visual identity.
Visual Output
We transformed wireframes and the style guide into a tangible visual output, resulting in a realistic and engaging user interface.
Our partnership with Panther encapsulates the essence of design excellence. We navigated challenges, applied creativity, and delivered a user-focused, aesthetically pleasing, and brand-consistent solution.
We Created


Raised $120 M

Panther raised $120 M in total , in series A and series B, after working with us.


Reduced Bounce rate by 25%

The new design has helped Panther to decrease bounce rate by 25%


User retention increased by 40%

The simplicity and intuitiveness of new design has increased the over user engagement.

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