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Ms Ewen Ling
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About the Project
For Referwo, we embarked on the journey of crafting a user-friendly, efficient, and data-driven platform that would redefine the influencer marketing experience.

Our ultimate goal was to empower businesses and influencers to connect, collaborate, and measure the impact of their campaigns in a way that maximizes their success and achieves their marketing objectives.
We found that influencers had difficulties tracking link performance, managing multiple platforms, connecting with their audience, and lacked personalized options for engaging campaigns.
Design challenges encompassed streamlining link customization for influencers, developing a versatile yet user-friendly filtering system, and ensuring accessible feature navigation, as there is a wide range of features.
Our Solutions
Referwo simplifies  management for influencers. It offers multi-account management, post-scheduling, automation, and link performance and earnings statistics. And for personalization we incorporated various editing tools.
The client was very pleased with the deliverables from the Musemind team. They appreciated how patient the vendor was with their requests, and even go the extra mile to come up with new ideas on how they can execute the features.
referwo ling

Ms Ewen Ling

Founder and CEO, Referwo
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In the research phase, we comprehensively study user needs, behaviors, and pain points through methods like interviews and data analysis to inform the design process effectively.
During the design phase, we create wireframes and prototypes, visually conceptualizing solutions. These serve as blueprints for the user interface's structure, layout, and functionality.
In the testing phase, we gather user feedback on prototypes, assess usability, and refine designs. This iterative process ensures the final product meets user expectations and needs.
In the implementation phase, we focus on translating the designed user interface into a functional product, adhering to the established design guidelines and aesthetics. - implementation
During the iteration phase, we revisit and refine the design and functionality based on feedback and insights gathered from user testing and evaluation, ensuring continuous improvement
We crafted a blueprint for Referwo's user interface. This step allowed us to visualize the layout and structure of the platform's key features, ensuring efficient usability and functionality.
Style Guide & Component
We carefully selected a color palette, typography, and icons to establish a modern and engaging look. These choices were integrated into the design components to ensure consistency throughout the platform.
Visual Output
The visual output of Referwo reflects our commitment to a clean, user-friendly, and visually appealing design. We implemented the style guide elements seamlessly, resulting in an intuitive and modern platform.
Mobile Version
In addition to the web platform, we developed a responsive mobile version of Referwo. This mobile adaptation ensures that users can access and manage their online presence conveniently from their smartphones.
Throughout the Referwo project, we gained valuable insights into the world of influencer marketing and user-centric design. It reinforced our commitment to continuous pursuit of improving the digital experience for businesses.
We Created


Over 7M raised

Referwo has earned 17M after launching the new design.


70% business turned into paid clients.

After launching new design, 70% businesses converted into paid plans.


Increase in new users

we have seen a 25% increase in new users and a 15% increase in returning users.

Customer Stories
Listen what our valued clients have to share about their experience with us.

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