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Tamara - Shopping Should Be Fun (App UI/UX Design)

Omar Aly
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6 Months
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  • User Research
  • UI Design
  • Development
About the Project
The Tamara project revolves around optimizing the largest BNPL (Buy Now, Pay Later) platform in Saudi Arabia, Tamara.

Our collaboration involved adding innovative features and refining the platform's design for enhanced aesthetics and user experience.

The result was an expanded set of capabilities that elevated user engagement on the Tamara platform.
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Tamara wanted to add a feature that would allow users to browse stores with greater convenience and make purchases without having to leave the app.
Our Design challenges included optimizing user flow for one-tap checkout, ensuring payment security, maintaining consistency & compatibility across devices for a seamless user experience.
Our Solutions
We integrated a “One-tap checkout” option that allows users to quickly complete their purchases without the need for multiple steps. Also, We applied minimalist design, ensuring that the app provides an aesthetic and engaging experience.
We were highly impressed with the transformation of our platform. The changes have positively impacted our user engagement and conversion rates, aligning perfectly with our vision for Tamara.

William lowe

Director of Product
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In the research phase, we comprehensively study user needs, behaviors, and pain points through methods like interviews and data analysis to inform the design process effectively.
During the design phase, we create wireframes and prototypes, visually conceptualizing solutions. These serve as blueprints for the user interface's structure, layout, and functionality.
In the testing phase, we gather user feedback on prototypes, assess usability, and refine designs. This iterative process ensures the final product meets user expectations and needs.
In the implementation phase, we focus on translating the designed user interface into a functional product, adhering to the established design guidelines and aesthetics. - implementation
During the iteration phase, we revisit and refine the design and functionality based on feedback and insights gathered from user testing and evaluation, ensuring continuous improvement
Style Guide
This style guide aimed to communicate a sense of sophistication, innovation, and user-centricity, aligning Tamara's visual identity with its status as a top BNPL platform.
Quick Payment
We crafted detailed blueprints for the app's interface. We especially focused on optimizing the appointment scheduling process to ensure seamless navigation for patients.
1 Tap Checkout
With this feature, users can complete their purchases with just one tap, eliminating the need for multiple steps and simplifying the checkout process.
Our collective endeavors aimed to offer Tamara's users a more captivating, efficient, and delightful platform experience.
Our collective endeavors aimed to offer Tamara's users a more captivating, efficient, and delightful platform experience.
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