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Teaming up with aspiring brands: Enterprises to Start-ups.
avgar pro
We've helped Avgar Pro to design a seamless coach booking app to acquire users for Golf lessons and book practice sessions on demand.
We've helped Panther, the $1B valued Security Information & Event Management provider, with a refreshed branding and website, and CMS development.
We’ve helped the rental platform app, Wardrove to design a secure and seamless process to rent and lend clothes for its users, which helped them to increase transection by 65%.
We've Designed both web app and mobile version for LINGXING, tailoring them to cater to a diverse audience by offering versions in both Chinese and English languages.
We've developed a comprehensive law tech app, LawHQ, for spamming tracking, including their website, mobile app, and branding.
We had 2+ years partnership with RaiseThon. We designed the whole new brand identity that includes websites, web app & branding to increase user acquisition and conversion.
We collaborated with the in-house business development team of Cartzie to design features and functionalities for the ecommerce app to increase user acquisition.
We teamed up with OnDeck to design a website and create illustrations for their Ed-tech platform, training founders, entrepreneurs, and business leaders.
We assisted Konoom to redesign and simplify complex data visualisation for their reputation management tool and helped to gain a competitive advantage.
We have created a web application and website for Helpfull, a survey platform focused on market research and insights gathering.
We've partnered with CISSDM's SaaS platform for 3+ years, crafting a web app and delivering three unique versions to cater to their specific requirements.
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