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Finany - Stock Trading and Investing UX Design

Valentin Pfister
Fintech Industry
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3 Months
SErvice we provided
  • User Research
  • UI Design
  • Prototype
About the Project
Finany stands as one of our standout projects, earning immense admiration from both our audience and esteemed clients. Its success led to significant new projects from clients who loved it.

Finany was based on real market research. We aimed to develop a fintech app that was better than anything out there. Our design team handled everything from start to finish, making sure it was truly innovative.
Users faced problems managing their finances because they couldn't find a single platform to handle all the payments, investments. Also tracking transections of multiple cards is overwhelming.
Designing presented challenges in achieving clean visualization, particularly with numerous categories requiring harmonious colors. Creating a seamless, hassle-free money management experience posed additional design complexities.
We enhanced financial control with transaction recording and visualized expense categories. Users can now manage multiple cards, streamlining spending, payments, and investments in the app.
Finany's cool illustrations bring a fun vibe to the app. They make money stuff feel less boring and more like an exciting adventure. It's not the usual financial app I have seen. Kudos to the design team!

Valentin Pfister

Sr. Product Manager, Finany
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In the research phase, we comprehensively study user needs, behaviors, and pain points through methods like interviews and data analysis to inform the design process effectively.
During the design phase, we create wireframes and prototypes, visually conceptualizing solutions. These serve as blueprints for the user interface's structure, layout, and functionality.
In the testing phase, we gather user feedback on prototypes, assess usability, and refine designs. This iterative process ensures the final product meets user expectations and needs.
In the implementation phase, we focus on translating the designed user interface into a functional product, adhering to the established design guidelines and aesthetics. - implementation
During the iteration phase, we revisit and refine the design and functionality based on feedback and insights gathered from user testing and evaluation, ensuring continuous improvement
User Survey
In our user survey, we collected diversified insights. We found users highly valued a simplified, one-stop solution for managing their finances efficiently.
Style Guide
Our goal was to convey a sense of clarity and trustworthiness to users. We aimed to express reliability and ease of use through clean, intuitive design elements.
We aimed to achieve a more engaging and user-friendly experience with engaging illustrations. They not only added visual appeal but also assisted in simplifying complex financial concepts for users.
Visual Output
Through the user-centric design we prioritized ease of navigation and accessibility, ensuring a seamless and visually pleasing experience for users.
The journey of creating a well-appreciated financial platform was both rewarding and enlightening. We are immensely proud of the outcome, and the lessons learned along the way are priceless.
We Created


47k+ likes in Social Media

The project generated a buzz on social media, leading to 47k+ likes, shares, and comments, amplifying our brand presence.


30% increase in brand search.

Our brand's reputation received a substantial uplift, with positive online mentions and a 30% increase in brand searches.


Community Increase

We received valuable insights from over 20k users & over 80% people loved the design.

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