SaaS Design

Goboss - Review and Web Traffic Management Platform

Robert Alvarez
4 Months
SErvice we provided
  • User Research
  • UI Design
  • Animation
About the Project
GoBoos is a SaaS platform offering Reviews and Internet Ads management solutions for small businesses.

Our goal was to develop an affordable, cross platform SaaS platform for small businesses, helping them reach a targeted audience, grasp opportunities, and understand their online performance for tailored business growth.
In discussions with small business owners, we found key challenges: tight budgets hinder hiring marketing professionals, and they seek immediate visibility instead of waiting for gradual SEO results.`
Integrating three platforms into one for a streamlined dashboard was challenging and also provided the best competitive UX solution than what already existed in the market.
Our Solutions
We created an all-in-one solution for businesses, offering a range of services from branding to promotion. Also, it provides valuable insight, to evaluate marketing contents, to improve user engagement.
It's easy to use, visually appealing, and has brought us more customers and higher profits. It's been a game-changer for our business, we are impressed with Musemind’s dedication.

Robert Alvarez

Director of Product, Goboos
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In the research phase, we comprehensively study user needs, behaviors, and pain points through methods like interviews and data analysis to inform the design process effectively.
During the design phase, we create wireframes and prototypes, visually conceptualizing solutions. These serve as blueprints for the user interface's structure, layout, and functionality.
In the testing phase, we gather user feedback on prototypes, assess usability, and refine designs. This iterative process ensures the final product meets user expectations and needs.
In the implementation phase, we focus on translating the designed user interface into a functional product, adhering to the established design guidelines and aesthetics. - implementation
During the iteration phase, we revisit and refine the design and functionality based on feedback and insights gathered from user testing and evaluation, ensuring continuous improvement
Style Guide
In our style guide, we aimed for a sense of trust and professionalism. The deep blues symbolize reliability and authority, while white adds clarity. Our inspiration was nature's growth and vitality, aligning with GoBoos' mission
Visual Output
Throughout the app, we used patterns like bar charts, stacked charts, heat maps, and bubble graphs for various purposes, which is an effective way to distinguish between different types of data.
Dashboard Review
For dashboard we focused on creating an intuitive and streamlined user experience, ensuring easy navigation, data accessibility, and a visually engaging interface.
Billing Payment
In developing the payment system, our goal was to provide a seamless and secure experience. We incorporated robust encryption and payment gateways to safeguard transactions.
The successful execution of our vision has not only met our expectations but also delighted our clients. Their satisfaction reinforced our commitment to delivering exceptional design solutions.
We Created


Generated  7K+ leads

Our concept project Goboos helped us to generate 7K+ leads


Online impression

Achieved significant customer growth, expanding GoBoos' user base and market reach.


20% leads converted to clients

20% leads that came through this project converted into happy clients.

Customer Stories
Listen what our valued clients have to share about their experience with us.
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