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example. Also, illustrations have a lot of color contrast, making attention to important information more accessible. Web designers love it because it lets them make unique designs that stand out from the crowd. This method lets you develop unique analogies, color combinations, characters, and settings that will work well with a specific audience or group of visitors.

Top Illustration Trends for Website Design

Today, I've put together a list of the most popular illustration trends you can use on your website to make it more artistic.

Geometric Abstract Illustrations 

In geometric abstraction, standard shapes and images are rearranged into a single piece that tells a story on its own. This kind of art is usually non-referential, which means it doesn't depend on anything outside itself.

In 2022, it's important for your design not to trip up the user, even if you're using geometric and abstract drawings that are also a little quirky. There is a thin line between being original and unclear; crossing that line can quickly anger your audience. You should strive to inspire a sense of playfulness and creativity by employing subtle and whimsical geometric designs.

2D Illustrations

2D graphics are used a lot in animation and video games. They show movement on the screen in a realistic but flat way. It's a technology that has been around for a long time, but it's a classic for a reason. These graphics are more precise, easier to look at, and easy for people to understand without being too much or too distracting.

3D Illustration 

Integrating a 3D illustration within a 2D illustration increases the sense of depth. This fad has been all the rage on the internet for the past year, and it shows no indications of slowing down any time soon, appearing in web design, digital interfaces, social media, and other areas.

Much of the 3D illustration encompassing futurism can be seen in the user interfaces of applications and gaming products. 

3D illustration is a prominent trend in 2022 because it lets designers bring their ideas to life. The 3D illustration gives artists and designers more creative options, whether they wish to recreate existing goods or create something new.

3d illustration
Source: Dribbble

Minimalist Illustration 

The trend of minimalist illustration is great for a clean, uncluttered look. Flat design, sketchy illustrations, and neutral color palettes are examples of this style. Furthermore, in digital products; interface design, flat color, and a limited color palette help keep the user focused on the key content without distracting with too many details and tones. Minimalist design is based on the principle that less is more. It has simple lines, a few neutral colors, and simple textures.

Fashion Illustration 

Fashion-style illustrations were made, such as costumes, and fashion designers could make quick sketches to show how things would look on different models. Most illustrations in this style are popular with fashion designers, but this style has already found a place in web design. Modern fashion illustration styles are used in fashion magazines and online clothing stores.

Retro and Vintage Illustration

The term "retro design" encompasses a wide variety of aesthetic approaches to visual communication that draw inspiration from the past. These include everything from mid-century modern graphic design and 1950s art styles to vintage 1970s illustrations.

If you ask, what makes this illustration so unique? It is because it incorporates elements from an earlier design style or because it is an updated version of that style. In a new work that adopts vintage aesthetics and presents them in a contemporary way, images from earlier generations are revived.

Source - Behance

Neon Illustrations: Cyberpunk Colors

Before coming in web designs and logos, Neon signs have been used in advertising for a long time. Since the 1950s, many big companies' local advertising campaigns have been built around these signs to get people to know their brands.

Neon colors have the major benefit of blending well with bright and dark themes, adding a touch of charisma. They have a whimsical and fun atmosphere when utilized in conjunction with a white background and bright surroundings. They reveal their complex and detailed character combined with a dark background and melancholy tones.

Retro and Vintage Illustration

Isometric Illustrations

An isometric drawing is a 2D picture of something in 3D, like a room, building, or design. When compared to other ways to show 3D, one thing that makes an isometric drawing stand out is that the final image is not distorted. This is because the lengthening of each axis is the same.

Isometric design is particularly good at giving a background, icon, or logo depth. The graphics look more realistic, so they can't be confused with anything else, bringing clarity to the online design. 

This works particularly well for icon design because icons must visually communicate the concepts they represent. Additionally, it assists in controlling the browsing experience and visual hierarchy.

Blending Illustration and Animation 

Together, this is an excellent tool to hook your customers on the spot, and they will definitely be impressed. Also, this allows designers to try out new creative ideas and develop great methods to interact with graphics in environments based on the real world.

The creation of modern consumer experiences using integrated AR and VR technology relies heavily on the contribution of digital animation.  Additionally, we can see that flat drawings are being replaced by GIFs and other animations on websites, mobile apps, blogs, and social media.


If you don't know what this means, a gradient is a smooth change from one color to another. Atmospheric gradients are one of the most popular ways to draw today. They have been used a lot in the last few years, especially in logo design. But this year, gradients are also showing up in the illustration. They give pictures a sense of lightness and softness. Regarding illustration trends for 2022, they're likely to stay hot. Blue and red are the colors most often used together in gradients.


Surrealism is still growing in popularity in 2022, so it deserves to be listed as one of the newest illustration trends. Surrealist images that look like they came from a dream make digital products look more creative and stylish. They give software designs and mobile apps a lot of art. This very specific trend depends a lot on how it is used. But if you know your audience well and use this style correctly, it can do great things for your designs.

Wrapping UP 

If you want to see how we use illustration in our website designs, you can look at our works at Behance and Dribble. Not only illustration, but you will also find many inspiring projects created by us. Musemind is where creative people and hardworking professionals work together to help you turn your boldest ideas and visions into beautiful concepts.

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