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Our Contribution

  • UX Design
  • SaaS design
  • Cross-platform design
  • Motion Design


6 Months

GoBoos is a platform that provides Reviews, and Internet Ads management solution that assists small businesses in promoting brands and growing online presence by providing analysis and utilizing tools. This entire platform is designed and developed based on extensive market research to provide customized solutions that businesses are looking for in boosting their revenues and authority.


We wanted to provide a cost-effective way for small businesses of all sizes to reach a virtually unlimited, targeted audience, and opportunities. Our aim is to help them understand the performance of their websites and products online so that they can find the appropriate solutions they need for their business growth.

goboos case study
goboos case study
goboos case study


Small businesses usually run on a tight budget, so it’s hard for them to separate a reasonable amount for digital marketing services. Moreover, SEO takes time, which is costly for small businesses as it depends highly on revenues. Thus some immediate solutions are required that make them instantly visible on search engines!

Small businesses do not have much time to focus on all of these nor the budget to hire technical experts to provide them the all technical aspects or customized solutions.


While making GoBoos our team found stumbled upon a few obstacles. We had to integrate three separate platforms into one platform and make a clean dashboard to give a clear message.

As a lot of similar products are available in the market, we had to do in-depth and extensive market research to provide the most competitive UX solution. Including features for audience selection, so that users can roam the map and be able to select the target audience.

Completing the project at a tight deadline, on top of collaborating on design and development simultaneously to complete on the due date made it more challenging. But at the end of the day, the challenges were overcome successfully.

goboos case study
goboos case study
goboos case study

Our Solutions

We devised a system where businesses can find multiple solutions on one platform. From branding to promoting business & products, all the services will be found here. For instance, owners can give ads on Google Ad Words that are too expensive and cut back when needed. Ads will generate revenue and establish brands online without much hassle!

Also, this platform will provide them the insights into their targeted audience and the performance of their webpage. It will also aid in evaluating and measuring the effectiveness of marketing, content, and products in terms of user engagement so that our users can take a strategic approach toward improvement.


We examined analytical data, outlined user personas, enhanced navigation, and designed user flows to improve the performance of each page on their website. Throughout the app, we used patterns like bar charts, stacked charts, heat maps, and bubble graphs for various purposes, which proved to be an effective way to distinguish between different types of data.


After accumulating all our ideas in one place, we started to align them through sketching. We iterated our designs through a standard design ideation process before constructing high-fidelity wireframes.


After conducting the user research, we planned a layout keeping information hierarchy in mind and then sketched the outline visual and details of the main features and the big presentation.

goboos case study

Style Guide

After we made our high-fidelity wireframes, we made a design system with rules for each design element, such as visual identity elements, icons, interface components, and their states, headings, etc.

goboos case study
goboos case study
goboos case study

Visual Output

We have selected the elements carefully because we have to keep them informative and aesthetic at the same time. We have used dark modes, different colors, visual interactions, and suitable infographics to optimize the user experience.

goboos case study
goboos case study
goboos case study

Daily Design Daily Design Daily Design Daily Design 

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The Outcomes

Revenue increased
New customer acquisition
$ M
Seed funding

Excellent experience all around with Musemind. They worked quickly, always on time, and produced great results. Will certainly hire for future projects.

Joshua Kresge, CEO at GoBoos
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